F&Q - About Our Online Store

  1. When is my credit card charged?
    Your credit card is charged at the point of sale when you press review and pay my order.
  2. I don’t like using my credit card online. Can I place an order over the phone?
    Yes, we will be more than glad to take your order over the phone.
  3. How do I know that my credit card information that I give you is secure?
    As a merchant, I had to provide detailed documentation to be approved to accept credit cards. SOHOSELL.com secures your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. SOHOSELL.com secures the personally identifiable information you provide on computer servers in a controlled, secure environment, protected from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. When personal information (such as a credit card number) is transmitted to other Web sites, it is protected through the use of encryption and PayPal protection, such as the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. In addition, as you can see by the Hacker Safe logo we display on our site, our site is scanned daily to protect against unauthorized access or hacking to the site.
  4. Do you accept money orders?
    Yes, we do. You can call us with a list of items you want, and we will quote you a price plus the shipping. As soon as your money order arrives, your products will be sent to you if they are in stock or ordered if necessary and then shipped to you as soon as they arrive at our warehouse.
  5. What does Quick Ship mean?
    Quick Ship means that the product is in stock at our facility and will be shipped out within 8 to 24 hours not including weekends.
  6. Why do some products say 7-10 days to ship?
    These products are not in stock at our facility and have to be ordered from our suppliers.
  7. What happens if part or all of my order is back-ordered?
    When an order is placed for products that are back-ordered, we notify our distributors and verify a ship date. In addition, we check with one of our other 120 suppliers to see if the product is in stock and available for shipping. When we have verified a source and a shipping date, we will contact you to keep you updated on your order status. As soon as we receive the back ordered product, it is shipped to you.
  8. What if I don’t want to wait on a backorder? What are my options?
    You have 2 options. First, you can choose another product in its place. If the product is priced less than your original item, we will send the new product and issue a refund for the balance. If the item you choose is more, we can add the difference to your credit card. Second, if there are no other products that you would like, we are happy to issue you a refund as a credit to your charge card.
  9. If I am to receive a refund for one reason or another, how long does it take to show up on my online statement?
    Once a credit is processed to your credit card it can take 1-3 days to show up on your online statement. The process that banks use to issue credit card refunds is similar to how a check clears through the banking system but quicker.
  10. What if I receive my packaged and an item is damaged?
    We only sell new products. We do not sell used products. So in the event, you receive a damaged item, we reorder the item and send it to you with a return label for the damaged one. If it’s a factory defect, we send it back to the distributors. If you receive your package and you have a damaged item due to shipping, (the shipping box is crushed, stepped on or damaged in some way) we send out a new item with a return label for the damaged one and report the damage to the shipping company.
  11. What if you’ve shipped my package and I never received it?
    When you report a missing package to us, we contact the shipping company and ask them to trace the package using the tracking number. If they determine the package cannot be found, they contact us and we send your order out to you again. If they trace the package and find that it was delivered to your address they will have the driver contact you and tell you where it was placed at the time of delivery.
  12. Do I have to be home to sign for my package?
    Requesting that a signature be collected at the time of delivery is the most secure way of ensuring you receive your package. If you would like to require a signature for delivery, just put a note in the comments section during the checkout. Please remember that if the shipping company attempts to deliver a package that needs a signature and no one is home, they will not leave the package.
  13. Do you require a signature as part of your shipping policy?
    Unless the customer has indicated that they want the package signed for upon delivery, the shipping company will just leave it at the shipping address.
  14. What if the shipping company says it was delivered and I still don’t have my product?
    If the tracking records of the shipping company indicate that the package was delivered to the proper address, your package was most likely stolen. We are not responsible for unsigned packages that are stolen after they are delivered. We suggest that you report the theft to your local law enforcement agency.
  15. Do you ever sell my email address or personal information to other companies?
    NO. All information that you give us during your checkout or when you sign up for our email list is only used by sohosell.com to fill your order and to send you emails regarding our products. We do not share this information with anyone.
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