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#Join our Team - Get a free new Sword.

Add me friend on Facebook to get a Free Sword .

We offer Free sword by Join Exchanging Program.
You will become our Team as an Intern-partner co-working with us Part-time,by earning Cash and Credit Point in order to exchange one Favourate Sword for Free.

If you want a free sword to joing Exchanging program
(free Sword program only for Student and animate Fans Age below 30 Only)

Can I become your Agent ?

Yes , please add our Sales Assistant Facebook to enquiry details.

Can i group-buy sword with cheaper price ?

yes - if you are a single buyer cannot buy 5-10 Sword at 1 times like others Agent .

you can add our Personal Sales Assistant Facebook, Our team we will help you find others buyer.
once we gather enough buyer quantity , we will call you and start a Group-buy Process.
at the time you will buy a sword with cheap price.

I am a Fan , can i see sample sword ?

Yes , We have shop in KL . Please contact our sales before you want to come .
this is his Facebook add him to make appointment.

I love sword, i just want to see only.

yes, We welcome all sword Fans see sword Face to Face and play with it around ,
our Office and location is local at Kl .
woking Hour from 9am - 6 Pm .
Please make an apointment with assistant before coming.

Is your sword warranty ?

Yes, You must Add a note to our Sales assistance to claim Delivery warranty.

we will en-Strong double pack your sword to make sure undestroyable during express delivery.
Don't worry we have 200% guarantee Ensure your sword safety.

Where do i buy sword ?

You can buy sword from our website directly.
order will Process within 2-5 minute.
we are always online from 9am - 10pm. Monday - Sunday

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